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jonah's green juice mustache

The Black Bean Brownies had me signing “Hallelujah” at the top of my lungs. DH and Little Man came running in to the kitchen to see what all the racket was about. LIttle Man loves chocolate so I knew he was an easy sell. It was DH and his temperamental taste buds that I had to win over. He took a bite, smiled, shook his head up and down yes, and I knew then that he was starting to see the light.

I have fallen in love with vegan food. To be precise, I have fallen in love with vegan food that tastes good. I know what you’re saying, there is no way you will ever crave lentils or greens. But, when you taste good plant-based food, I mean really good, you will never look back. You know when you taste something amazing. You think about it later, the next day, and the following week. A good recipe never makes you think wish I was eating something else. A good vegan recipe showcases its ingredients and allows their tastes, textures, and uniqueness to shine. Eating the Butternut Squash and Apple Soup is almost a religious experience, it’s that good. It is silky and sweet and you can taste both the squash and the apples with a hint of complexity and heat from the curry. Even people who don’t like curry love that recipe. Did you ever think you could binge on lentils? Try the Barbecue Lentils and Eggplant and I dare you not to lick the pot, your plate, or have way too many servings in one sitting. The perfect vegan recipe leaves me feeling full and happy, and never crappy.

Life is too short to eat bad food so why not eat food that not only tastes good but is good for you and kind to animals and our environment. I became vegan in February, 2013, when I completed treatment for Primary Mediastinal B Cell Lymphoma, a rare subtype of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. You can read about my cancer journey at PunchyMommyBelievesInLife. After chemo, I started making green juice everyday and soon realized that all I wanted was to fill my body up with fresh fruits, vegetables and all things kind. I learned that being vegan was easy as long as you ate a large variety of good food. After I mastered green juice, I turned to vegan food blogs. There are hundreds of vegan bloggers, all purporting to be expert recipe developers, but the sad truth is that despite their gorgeous blogs and pictures, many of their recipes are bland, mushy, contain too many ingredients, and are overall disappointing. I created this blog to help you cut through all of the rotten tomatoes.

These recipes are my personal favorites. They are the best of the best. These are the recipes that I recommend to friends, family, and strangers that are vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. I have personally made these recipes over and over and trust me, you will not be disappointed. DH and Little Man are omnivores and can be difficult to win over sometimes but even they can’t turn these recipes down. Being vegan is easy when you eat delicious food everyday so get cooking!

Wanna talk food (or anything else)? Email me at: chamsalife18 (at) gmail (dot) com.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m so excited that you’ve started this blog. I can’t wait to try everything! I’m going to tell everyone about this. Are you going to post the quinoa salad, or roasted zucchini? I love those. Been really hankering for the quinoa lately.

    • Hey!!! Of course I’m going to post those. That quinoa salad is really something =) I put a ton of recipes up at once and now I want to slow down and pace myself as I still have some formatting and content things I want to work on. I’m so glad you found it! I was going to make a public announcement about it soon, still had some kinks though.

  2. Hi there! I’ve been vegan for 5 years and have been on the search for some new recipes to spice things up! The few I’ve looked through on your site sound fantastic! Excited to try them out. 🙂

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